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Western Power Distribution to install GridON's FCLi for mitigating excessive fault current from distributed generators, Sep 2018
Western Power Distribution has selected GridON's Fault Current Limiting Interrupter (FCLi) to enable cost-effective connection of independent generation and renewable energy sources, by mitigating excessive fault currents from such new generation sources.

Cost-effective connection of independent generators to enable sales of excess generation capacity to the grid, Jan 2018
GridON is offering an electronic Fault Current Limiting Interrupter which enables cost-effective connection of independent generation and renewable energy sources, while expediting the sales of excess generation capacity to the grid.

GridON introduces an improved saturated-core Fault Current Limiter, Jan 2018
(DE, ES, FR, IT, PL) An EU-funded project has achieved a significant size reduction in saturated core FCL and has improved its performance envelope, thus creating new market opportunities.

GridON introduces a compact cost-effective Fault Current Limiting Interrupter - to enable connection of distributed generation and capacity increase in industrial plants, Nov 2017 
Following years of field proven fault current limiter operation in service, GridON is introducing a new product family for low and medium voltage networks, based on a novel architecture, using standard power-electronics devices.

GridON introduces an inexpensive Fault Current Limiter for medium voltage networks, May 2017
co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

British utility partners on the development of equipment to augment the tools available for solving excessive network fault current levels, Transmission & Distribution World, Feb 2017

Accelerating Connection of Distributed Generation, Nov 2016
GridON is offering a cost-effective solution for expanding decentralized generation sources.

Securing Continuous Electricity Supply in Industrial Plants, Nov 2016
GridON is offering a cost-effective solution which enables secure supply of power to industrial grids.

GridON introduces a new cost-effective product line for limiting fault currents in electrical grids and industrial networks, May 2016
Following three years of successful experience in live operation, GridON is announcing a new family of inexpensive Fault Current Limiters with smaller footprint for mid-to-high voltage applications.

GridON progresses on schedule to deliver its new product family of cost-effective Fault Current Limiters, May 2016
GridON has been executing the project, supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 grant, on schedule with promising results. The new product line will offer very economical FCL with significantly reduced footprint; targeting specifically distribution, independent power producing and industrial customers.

GridON FCL is commercially ready, Feb 2016
Commercial readiness of GridON Fault Current Limiters proven through 33 months in service - Increasing network resilience and connection capacity.

GridON receives a prestigious European Commission grant, Jun 2015
GridON was awarded the highly coveted Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission sponsoring research and development of innovative products.

GridON's FCL energized at Western Power Distribution's substation in Birmingham, UK, Apr 2015
GridON’s 30MVA Fault Current Limiter has been commissioned and energized onto a live network at one of Western Power Distribution’s primary substations in Birmingham, UK, in early April 2015.  GridON designed and built its novel FCL within five months of contract signature, before testing and then installing it onto the live grid.

GridON built and shipped a 30MVA FCL within 7 months of contract signature, Nov 2014
GridON’s 30MVA Fault Current Limiter successfully completed short-circuit testing and was shipped to Western Power Distribution's primary substation in Birmingham, UK, for installation onto the live network.

GridON's FCL successfully suppresses multiple network faults, July 2014 
GridON’s breakthrough FCL has successfully completed its first year of operational service on UK Power Networks’ primary substation at Newhaven, UK, proving both reliable operation and extremely effective performance in limiting several network fault events.

GridON signed contract to supply a 30MVA Fault Current Limiter to Western Power Distribution for a primary substation in Birmingham, UK, March, 2014
GridON was awarded a contract for its novel Fault Current Limiter by Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and Wales.  The contract was awarded to GridON following a tender process in which GridON’s FCL was chosen.  The contract forms part of WPD’s Project FlexDGrid, a £17m project based in Birmingham which uses ground breaking solutions to accommodate more low carbon generation across the city, reducing power cuts and carbon emissions.

GridON presented its FCL at China International Smart Grid Expo (中国国际智能电网技术和设备展览会), Beijing, Mar 31, 2014
GridON's Fault Current Limiter has been officially pronounced commercial after completing 9 months of service in a live substation, Jan 2014

GridON makes it to Global Cleantech 100 list, Oct 9, 2013
GridON was named in the prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100 list which highlights the promise of private clean technology companies which the players in the market feel are currently the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years.  5,864 companies were nominated this year from 60 countries.  The 90-member expert panel was drawn principally from leading financial investors and representatives of multinational corporations, located in Asia, Europe, and North America.

GridON is persuading customers, by Michael Kenward, Science|Business, Sep 4, 2013
GridON has been running trials of a different kind, to convince large electricity companies that its fault-current limiter (FCL) will work in a high-voltage electricity transmission and distribution grid.

GridON will present at the IEEE PES GM panel session in Vancouver, July 22, 2013
"Experience with High Power Testing and Commissioning of a Saturated-Core Fault Current Limiter in a Live Substation"

GridON's breakthrough commercial Fault Current Limiter is in service, June 6, 2013

GridON’s Fault Current Limiter commissioned into service by ETI at a UK Power Networks substation, June 6, 2013 

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has installed and commissioned into service a revolutionary new fault current limiter (FCL) at a UK Power Networks main substation in Newhaven, East Sussex.

GridON won the UK Energy Innovation Award for Best Energy Network Improvement, Apr 2013

GridON won the UK Energy Innovation Award - in the Best Energy Network Improvement category.  The awards were created by the Energy Innovation Centre and celebrate technologies working to deliver a low carbon, sustainable and energy efficient future.  The expert panel of judges, made up of leading names in the energy industry.  The awards are backed by the UK’s leading gas and electricity networks including Scotia Gas Networks Plc, SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks, Northern Gas Networks, Northern Powergrid, National Grid, Electricity North West, SSE and Wales and West Utilities.

GridON Ltd shortlisted for UK Energy Innovation Award, Mar 2013

GridON has been shortlisted in the Best Energy Network Improvement category in the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2013.  Denise Massey, director of the Energy Innovation Centre, said: “The calibre of nominations this year was of an exceptional standard and the judges had a really tough choice when it came to shortlisting. It’s also fantastic to see we had a record number of entries, highlighting the fantastic technologies out there which have real potential in the energy sector.  Congratulations to all of those who made it to the final and we look forward to the awards ceremony celebrating the very best innovation and talent in the industry.” 

GridON will present at the 2013 TechCon North America, Feb 12-14, 2013

GridON will present at the 2012 TechCon Euro, Nov 26-28, 2012

GridON will present at the upcoming CIGRE Paris, booth #306, Aug 27-30, 2012

GridON’s Fault Current Limiter was successfully tested by a certified high-power test laboratory, March 2012

UK Power Networks is working with the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) on a project to reduce the impact of faults on electricity distribution networks, July 19, 2011
Together with the ETI, the company has selected a manufacturer and is working with GridON, to install and trial a prototype Fault Current Limiter.

GridON's Award Winning Fault Current Limiter Selected by The Energy Technologies Institute to be Tested in a £4m Project on a Live Power Network Environment at UK Power Networks - The Next Step in the Evolution of Stable and Safer Electricity Networks, July 11, 2011
GridON's unique Fault Current Limiter (FCL) solution, which has won significant international recognition, has been selected by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to be developed and tested in a £4m project aiming to reduce the impact of fault currents on electricity networks and helping the growth and increased flexibility of distribution systems while minimizing capital expenditure in upgrading the UK electrical networks.

ETI launches £4m project with GridON to enable evolution of UK's electricity distribution networks, July 11, 2011

A £4m project has been launched by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) working with GridON which will reduce the impact of faults on electricity distribution networks, helping the growth and increased flexibility of distribution systems, with more low carbon electricity generation installed in the distribution system.

GridON technology will help keep the lights on, by Michael Kenward, Science|Business
The winner of the GE Smart Grid Award in the Science|Business Academic Enterprise Awards – presented at ETH Zurich in February - has developed technology to prevent electricity blackouts caused by lightening strikes and power surges.

Innovators Recognized in ACES 2011 Award
GridON won the prestige GE Smart Grid Award in the third annual ACES Academic Enterprise Awards, held in Zurich in February 2011. The judges noted that GridON's technology is important because when electricity grids operate close to capacity, intermittent flows can shut down the entire system. The annual ACES awards, the top pan-European contest for academic entrepreneurs, recognizes excellence among university spin-out companies and involves several technology multinationals such as Microsoft, GE and BP. The event took place this year at ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading technology universities.

GE Innovation Award
GridON was among five winners of the GE’s ecomagination, Powering the Grid Challenge Award held in November 2010. The challenge is part of General Electric's work to accelerate development of the next generation power grid and global energy transformation through open collaboration. >GridON received US$100,000 in recognition of its novel fault current limiting technology and products. Some 4,000 ideas were generated during the challenge. "This is important validation for our technology," said GridON's CEO Yoram Valent. "It demonstrates that combining academic research with entrepreneurial skills can create an exciting and innovative solution which brings meaningful benefits to the industry."
Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for GE, said: "We launched the Challenge to encourage new thinking and spur innovation at every level of development. The smart thinking and compelling business cases presented make these innovation award winning ideas examples of pioneering entrepreneurship.

New Offices
GridON has moved into its new headquarters in Givatayim, Israel. The offices incorporate corporate headquarters, R&D, marketing and sales.

First Round Investment
GridON has announced that it has achieved its first round of financing with the investment of Wilson Transformers Company of Australia ( The investment will enable GridON to expand its R&D and engineering activities and embark on an international marketing and sales program.