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GridON is offering a compact Electronic Current Limiting Interrupter - for fault current reduction and arc-flash mitigation

GridON introduces inexpensive Fault Current Limiters for DG connection and industrial networks

British utility partners with GridON for solving excessive network fault currents

Accelerating Connection of Distributed Generation

Securing Continuous Electricity Supply in Industrial Plants

A new cost-effective product line for electrical grids and industrial networks

GridON progress on its European Commission Horizon 2020 granted project

GridON FCL is commercially ready following 33 months in service

GridON receives a prestigious European Commission Horizon 2020 grant

30MVA FCL energized at Western Power Distribution

FCL shipped out within 7 months of contract signature 

GridON FCL successfully suppresses faults on a live network

Contract to supply a 30MVA FCL to Western Power Distribution

GridON presented at China International Smart Grid Expo

GridON FCL has been officially pronounced commercial

GridON makes it to Global Cleantech 100

GridON is persuading customers

Presented at the IEEE PES panel session

GridON FCL is in service in the UK

Won the UK Energy Innovation Award

Presented at 2013 TechCon USA 

Presented at 2012 TechCon Europe

Booth at CIGRE 2012 Paris

Tested in a high-power test lab

UK Power Networks to trial GridON's FCL 

ETI, UKPN & E.ON selected GridON's FCL

ETI launches £4m project with GridON

GridON technology keeps the lights on

Innovators recognized in ACES Award

GridON received GE Innovation Award

GridON closed first investment round

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Data Sheet: Fault Current Limiter
Connecting the Grid.   Wisely.

GridON sets the new standard for electrical grid reliability, safety, performance & efficiency

Fault Current Limiters for increased capacity in electricity networks, for reliable connection of distributed generation and renewable energy sources, and for increased supply of power and reduction of arc-flash energy in industrial plants

GridON enables the ever-growing demand for electricity consumption, while improving energy efficiency and network stability, and reducing carbon emissions. Fault currents, caused by short circuits in power grids, keep rising with the increase in electricity supply on meshed networks, and often exceed network protection capabilities. Cascading fault currents may result in supply disruptions, equipment damages and severe power outages. Grid operators are forced to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in order to prevent catastrophic consequences. Conventional solutions include grid segmentation and costly upgrades, which negatively impact power quality, stability and reliability of supply. 

The growing demand for connecting Distributed Generation (DG) sources has been facing major challenges – in particular mitigation of extra fault current introduced with DG connection to distribution grids. Network operators will not authorize connection of gas generation, biogas cogeneration and other renewable resources, without proven means for protecting the distribution network from excessive fault currents. Independent power producers are often required to make significant investments and bear long delays and loss of revenues, before receiving permits to connect.

Many industries - such as chemical processing, oil & gas, steel, cement, and data centers - are extremely sensitive to electricity disruptions which often lead to severe business impact and financial losses.

GridON is offering grid operators, power producers and industrial customers cost-effective fault current limiters (FCL) which enable network meshing and reliable connection of additional generation and renewable energy sources to transmission and distribution networks. The FCLs accelerate connection of decentralized generation sources and enable secure supply of power to industrial grids. The product lowers the overall resistance across meshed networks, hence reducing losses and offsetting millions of tonnes of carbon emissions. GridON's FCLs improve grid resilience and reliability, while eliminating network upgrades and early retirement of fit-for-use equipment, saving millions of dollars in a typical network.

GridON’s FCLs are in field operation in live networks since early 2013, proving very reliable. Being scalable to very high voltage and power ratings, the commercial product is well-suited for transmission and distribution network applications. A cost-effective compact Electronic Current Limiting Interrupters are also offered, for fault current reduction and arc-flash mitigation in low-to-medium voltage networks. GridON has been gaining interest from grid operators, power generation companies and energy-intensive industries, who are seeking energy efficiency solutions for the growing capacity challenges in their networks.

GridON’s FCL is based on combining industry-standard, proven transformer technology with unique and proprietary concept of electromagnetic flux alteration on a saturated iron core. The fail-safe system responds instantaneously to faults, suppresses fault current for its entire duration, and recovers immediately following fault clearance – being always ready for consecutive faults. It is the first such fully tested, installed and commercially viable pre-saturated fault current limiter currently available in the market.
The breakthrough in design removes the need for superconducting components which results in a simple, extremely reliable and low maintenance solution. Unlike superconducting-based FCL technologies which have not reached commercial viability, GridON’s product is fully scalable for use at all power ratings in industrial, distribution and transmission grids. Specifically, GridON offers a cost-effective solution for the 80kA protection gear barrier on transmission networks.

GridON has partnered with Australian based Wilson Transformer Company – a shareholder and engineering and manufacturing partner - to bring this innovative state-of-the-art portfolio of FCL products to the market.
In June 2015, GridON was awarded the highly coveted Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission, which has been used to develop an enhanced product line of Fault Current Limiters based on its long proven technology.
The new product line is very economical with significantly reduced footprint – targeting specifically distribution, industrial and independent power producing customers. 

GridON won prestigious awards including the 2013 UK Energy Innovation Award for the Best Energy Network Improvement, the 2012 European ACES Smart Grid and the 2011 GE ecomagination “Powering the Grid” award. 

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