Connecting the Grid.   Wisely.

GridON enables increased capacity in electricity networks and mass deployment of Distributed Generation and low-carbon Renewable Energy sources

GridON is a leading provider of innovative Fault Current Limiting solutions that improve operational flexibility in distribution networks and enable mass deployment of Distributed Generation and renewable energy sources. GridON provides fault mitigation solutions for network utility operators, independent power producers, and industrial customers.

The energy market transformation to Distributed Generation (DG) is rapid. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biogas are ever increasing in the generation mix. It is estimated that DG sources will reach 10% of the total worldwide generation capacity by 2030. However, existing electrical grids cannot accommodate vast connection of new energy sources, due to the increasing fault current level from these new sources. High short circuit surge currents, which exceed network equipment ratings, will cause equipment damage, power interruptions and safety implications. Increased capacity of substations and connections of new generation sources cannot happen without reliable mitigation of increasing fault currents.

Network operators are forced to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrading sub-station equipment like switchgear, overhead lines, bus-sections and transformers - in order to prevent catastrophic consequences. In some cases, connections are made possible through conventional resource-intensive and disruptive network reinforcement. Conventional solutions negatively impact power quality, stability and reliability of supply, resulting in substantial cost and delays. This leaves available generation capacity underutilized, thus inhibiting energy source diversification and improvements in network capacity.

GridON is offering cost-effective solutions which enable interconnection of network sections and added generation sources. It improves the power quality, network stability, and security of supply. GridON’s solution significantly reduces capital expenditure, time consuming labor, and extended down time - required for conventional network upgrades and early retirement of fit-for-use equipment.

Network planners are now able to quickly design in the product with minimal changes to the grid. GridON's products can save between tens and hundreds of millions of dollars when compared with customary network reinforcements.

GridON offers novel solutions for all power and voltage levels: a power-electronics Fault Current Limiting Interrupter (FCLi) for low-to-medium voltage connection of distributed generation and renewable sources; and a saturated core Fault Current Limiter (FCL) for medium-to-high voltage distribution and transmission networks. GridON's FCL/FCLi limit and interrupt fault currents from propagating through the network.

GridON's power-electronics Fault Current Limiting Interrupter (FCLi) limits and immediately interrupts excessive fault current in low-to-medium voltage networks. Designed with relatively small footprint and affordable price tag, the FCLi is a perfect solution for network operators, independent power producers and industrial/commercial customers. The FCLi enables fast and cost-effective connection of thousands of distributed generation and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biogas, and industrial/commercial cogeneration, and sale of excess generation capacity. The return on investment in an FCLi is expected within less than one year.

GridON is currently in development of a new Fault Current Limiter Diverter (FCLd) which will address high voltage networks up to 38kV, and much higher power. This novel power electronics based system will enable the connection of substation sections, and cost-effective DG connection in high voltage, allowing for increased power supply in the distribution grid and for large scale generation connection to the transmission grid.

Being scalable to very high voltage and power ratings, GridON’s legacy Fault Current Limiter (FCL) is well suited for distribution and transmission networks up to very high voltage levels. The saturated-core based FCL has been installed in live networks as of 2013. GridON has partnered with Australian based Wilson Transformer Company, a shareholder and manufacturing partner, to offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of FCL products for all range of medium-to-very high voltage and power ratings.

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Data Sheet: Fault Current Limiting Interrupter (1.5MW)
Data Sheet: Fault Current Limiter

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